Joining the Autofac Team!

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As developers, we want – nay, we NEED – to have options when it comes to Open-Source Software (OSS).

Is that library too opinionated for your project? That’s okay, choose another. Is that library not opinionated enough? That’s okay, choose another.

When I saw Scott Hanselman’s retweet of the @AutofacIoC call for help:

It. Just. Felt. Right.

How am I going to help? That’s still somewhat up in the air. I joined into the main project (and several extension projects), but I’m still in “learning” mode and trying to get my bearings on everything these folks have been building for quite some time. At the very least, I’ll probably be tweeting about it, blogging about it, and maybe even live streaming some of the work I do.

Stay tuned - going to be a fun ride!😊