Five Year Anniversary at Heuristic Solutions

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(I originally posted this as a Twitter thread, but decided to unroll it to a blog post as well. If some of the transitions don’t make sense, that’s probably why)

Tomorrow is my 5 year anniversary at Heuristic Solutions (if you ignore those three months in between quitting and then coming back…which we are…that was a sabbatical).

Who knows if I’ll be there forever…though, we do have multiple people at 10 years, and one person at 20 years! I do enjoy the work we do. Its challenging, and rewarding - even though it isnt cutting edge stuff anymore (technically speaking).

We’re definitely a small, remote-friendly, company, and that isn’t for everybody. For me, though, Ive learned its what I want.

Just last week, in an effort to create more technical documentation (and more docs in general), I went back and forth - in a good way - on a new diagram with one of the owners of the company.

And, both owners are extremely approachable and happy to coach and/or assist however they can (one more technical, one more business). When I wanted to come back, I met with both of them while they were in town, and had a very candid and honest discussion about all of it.

They were both hesitant, I think, about letting me come back, and I mean, who can blame them? I sure don’t, and wouldn’t have if they had said no.

But thats the kind of people they are.

One of our core values is “caring for others”, and they “walk the walk”, so to speak.

Luckily, I had at least one person in my corner. Somebody who, Ive never really given credit to, honestly, even before then. Same person who originally got me started in 2014, that helped get me back in, in 2019 - @spetryjohnson.

He and I don’t always agree, naturally, but he has my respect. Not only for “the job”, but in others ways - the technical ones. I mentioned the challenge of working on this product, and I’m very transparent about that challenge, but I don’t fear it.

The “taming of that fear” is a result of working with him (and others) on it over the years. And, honestly, HE has made me a better developer because of it all.

I gave my first conference presentation this year, which was absolutely terrifying, but another rewarding experience that I can 100% say that he helped me achieve.

And thats the place I’ve chosen to work. That’s the place that has chosen me to work with them.

And, sure, some days are more frustrating than others, but isn’t that true about any job?

Our teams, and the people in them, don’t always agree with each other, but that’s okay. The point is, we don’t give up on our individual or team values, but sometimes we do compromise.

Who knows where I’ll be in the next 5 years, but I hope I can reflect on those years the same way I am now - with appreciation, and knowing that, even though I need a paycheck (bills, amiright?), I’m glad to be earning it where I am, alongside the folks Im glad to call my team.