Upcoming Speaking Engagements!

I’ve been accepted to speak at two upcoming conferences, and I wanted to share that with everyone (that I haven’t already told)…

First, on May 5th, I’ll be speaking at StirTrek in Columbus, OH!

I’ll be giving my presentation, “From the Trenches: Eventual Consistency from your Database to Elastic Search”.  The idea for this talk came about from a work project we implemented last year.  All the resources for this talk will be in a github repo.

Secondly, in June, I’ll be speaking CodePaLOUsa in Louisville, KY!

I’ll be giving TWO talks this time, one of which is the same one I’ll be giving at Stir Trek

The other is a high-level overview of the new features that were just released for C# 7.  The resources for this one will eventually be in a github repo, but I haven’t created it yet.