17 in 2017

I am borrowing this concept from some financial instagramers (is that a word?) / bloggers that I follow (ya know, that whole trying to get out of debt thing 🙂 ).

The concept is simple – 17 goals to accomplish in 2017 – as big (or small) as you like, as long as it brings you happiness.  And, while those goals are financial related, I am looking to these as career oriented.

Without further ado, here are mine:

  1. Publish 1 blog post per month
  2. Publish 6 episodes of The Talking Devs
  3. Move into my new home office, freshly renovated for maximum feelz of zone-age.
  4. Release a .NET Core, OSS project
  5. Learn Chef and/or Puppet
  6. Learn (more) Vagrant
  7. Learn Python
  8. Increase participation / development efforts to the IAR (Independent Animal Rescue) website / cms.
  9. Release a Visual Studio Code extension
  10. Get a better feel for Linux, as I am (currently) hosting / managing 4 sites on DigitalOcean
  11. Read 3 technical books
  12. Rejoin the Columbus Developers’ Book Club
  13. Contribute to an OSS project
  14. Update my Chocolatey packages to latest version(s)
  15. Create new Chocolatey package
  16. Release a Visual Studio extension
  17. Learn Elixir

I realize some of these may be hard to gauge / score / measure, but I want to get them written down before the year begins!  I’ll likely follow up with some more detail as I figure it out 🙂

What about you, dear reader?  What will you accomplish in 2017?

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  • Missy Walko

    Hey there! Mine aren’t all career based and I didn’t take the time to come up with 17…
    2017… I think i want to l …

    • take life less seriously, and have more fun (which I think means taking on less side jobs and focusing on what I really love- art, gardening, and being outdoors).

    • Pay off all my credit cards

    • Start a few projects on the house

    • Start thinking seriously about a 3 year plan- where do I want to live, what do I want my job title to be, how many puppies will I have (ha ha, jay kay).

    • Bake/Cook/Grill more

    • Make more career based goals. ha.