Three “Must Have” Visual Studio Extensions

Every single time I install Visual Studio, the very next step I take is to install my favorite extensions. I only have three, and here they are, in order:

  1. ReSharper – I can’t live without this anymore. I’m finally to the point where I have a lot of shortcuts memorized. VS is catching up, but R# still takes the win.
  2. NCrunch – Continuous testing, right in VS. Love my green dots.
  3. WallabyJs – Continuous JAVASCRIPT testing, right in VS. Love my green squares 😀

Pretty simple list, eh?

What about you? What are your favorite extensions? Is there something groundbreaking that I’m missing out on? Something you developed yourself? Leave it in the comments!

*Also, props to WallabyJs for being the only one in my list with HTTPS, BY DEFAULT.

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